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Innovative transport system

Zevenaar, June 22, 2013 

Today is the official opening in Zevenaar of an innovative mechanical system that automatically transports gitterboxes from a production hall to a distribution hall over an outer distance of approximately 225 meters. This new system reduces the outside storage and truck movements. 

The gitterpallets are automatically placed on a carrier onto a transportsystem for automatic strapping and transportation. After strapping the carriers are loaded into shuttle car 1 (TW1). TW1 runs from the production hall about 50 meters outside to a second shuttle car TW2. The loaded carriers are transported from TW1 to TW2. TW2 then drive about 175 meters to the distribution hall. The carriers are buffered on a coveyor and after removing the gitterboxes, the empty carriers are transported back to the production hall by the shuttle cars. 

The shuttle cars are equipped with roller conveyors, hydraulic height leveling and WLAN communication.