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Moderniek B.V.

Beckeringhstraat 23
3762 EV Soest

T +31 (0)35 60 169 00
F +31 (0)35 60 231 18

E info@moderniek.nl

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Moderniek is your flexible and reliable partner when it comes to service and maintenance.
In consultation Moderniek provides tailor made service. All technicians are experienced and certified in terms of safety.

Through our cooperation with reliable qualified suppliers from Modernieks supply chain, acces to our own production department and experienced project management, Moderniek provides high quality and delivery on time. All our systems comply with the Machine Directive(CE) and if desired the HACCP or FDA.

For more than 30 years provides Moderniek systems for leading companies in various industries, such as:

  • Airports

  • Distribution centres

  • Bakeries

  • Meat

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Freeze environment

  • Concrete 

  • Chemical
  • Paper
  • Wood & Pallets